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Jacob is a multimedia Producer and Project Manager who specializes in Photography, Internet / Social Media Assets, Short Film, Commercial, and Music Video content.

He grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: a small suburb of Detroit.  The motor city gave him a passion for all things technical, if it could be built, modified, assembled or made better, he was working on it.  This led him to study Packaging and Manufacturing Engineering at Michigan State University.

He started his career in the entertainment industry in 2016 taking up an offer from a boutique production studio to produce a few corporate videos for Microsoft.  After the first project was done Jacob was hooked and found himself with a new career direction.  He went on to collaborate with some amazing Photographer and Directors including Adriana Rotaru, Sasha Samsonova, Sam Nuttmann, Daniel Victor, Michael Victor and Kent Colony shooting spots all over the West Coast for brands like Xbox, Minecraft, DJI, One Wheel and many more. 

His method in understanding the unique needs of a director/photographer and specific ethos of a brand is a skill that requires research and attention to detail.  Whether its still images or dynamic video, high quality big budgets or makeshift shoestring productions he understands the nuances of drawing audiences in and delivering quality content.